Pinnacle provides digital forensics and information security services globally to clients by leveraging highly developed professional experience, process superiority, and cutting-edge technical means to meet their needs anywhere in the world.

Pinnacle forensic division was established in 2003 to provide computer forensics services to the legal community. Since its founding, the company has grown to become a network of trained and certified investigators in the areas of computer forensics, information security, managed security operations, forensic accounting, and financial fraud investigations.

Our forensic lab facility conducts multiple parallel examinations and provide centralized management of cases under the direction of our experienced senior management team. Pinnacle understands that time is critical in many cases and therefore offers our clients the industry's fastest response time commitment.

We leverage industry-leading techniques and technology to ensure that the right tool is used for each highly specific need. We understand that experience is critical to a success, so our certified investigators and practitioners bring nearly two centuries of experience in information technology, information security and forensic investigation in both civil and government matters. As a result, we are recognized as subject expert witnesses in US State and Federal Court proceedings.
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Our approach enhances productivity and delivers optimal access to documents at the correct time and place, in the appropriate format and with the access and collaboration capabilities to match customer work needs.

With our partners Disco and OnDemand, Pinnacle brings litigation teams, their global branch offices, expert witnesses and co-counsel together to review critical discovery documents and collaborate in real-time from almost anywhere in the world via a Web browser.

Completely Scalable and Highly Available Data Network Infrastructure
• State-of-the-art security, high-speed data compression and a powerful administrative client for comprehensive user management
• Completely scalable and highly available data network infrastructure
• Fully redundant emergency backup systems and several data center locations throughout the U.S.
• Advanced remote access and data security accessible from almost anywhere in the world
• Remote Archive and Review
• Full case management, administrative tools and database services
• Native file review and associated analysis tools
• Anytime, anywhere remote access and advanced data security