Electronic Discovery
Whether you are a legal professional with a corporate legal department or a law firm, Pinnacle can help you prepare for and respond to electronic discovery requests. Clients have come to understand that managing electronic discovery is a business-critical function for which an experienced partner like Pinnacle is essential.

Pinnacle helps you contain costs by examining potentially responsive electronically stored information. Our experts have the know-how and the industry-leading tools to help identify, collect and cull ESI. Armed with this information, you’ll be prepared for meet-and-confers with insight into the corporate network and the subset of documents that will be responsive to the discovery requests of regulators or opposing counsel, saving all involved time and money.

Early preparation can lower the overall cost of litigation and give you more time to shape a winning response. 
Pinnacle will help by:
  • Conferring with you to determine the best plan in terms of network architecture, critical systems, and e-mail services
  • Identifying, preserving and collecting electronically stored information
  • Processing files—including native data—in their original format
  • Culling documents to allow you to quickly dispense with non-responsive data and focus on potentially responsive information
  • Providing load files or loading responsive data into one of our review/litigation support platforms

Our goal is to provide you with the right review tool for your project, which is why we offer a range of fully hosted review platforms. Our team is experienced in training new users, ensuring that your reviewers are up–to-speed and ready to get to work quickly on your project.